Rychard Cooper

Rychard Cooper

Sound Technician + Composition

Office: UMC-A302
Phone: 562-810-6608
e-mail: rychard.cooper@csulb.edu

Rychard Cooper holds a degree in Audio Engineering from Long Beach City College, and Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Composition from CSULB. He has twice been awarded the Don Andrus Prize in Electronic Music.

He teaches classes in Music Technology, Electronic Music, Sound Design, and Digital Media. In the spring of 2007 he created a class called Digital Ethics for the Odyssey Project. This class explored the ethics of the Internet and how the media is changing in a digital world.

He spent several years as the head of the composition program of the California State Summer School for the Arts, a Summer-Arts school for gifted high-school students housed on the campus of the California Institute of the Arts. While there he taught classes in Composition, Music Theory, and Music Technology, and was chair of the Music Department for two years.

Before coming to CSULB, Mr. Cooper created the recording program at Cypress College, where he taught classes in audio engineering and record production. He has also worked professionally as a recording engineer, producer, sound designer, and has contributed to the design and construction of many recording studios in the Los Angeles area.

In addition to his teaching position, Mr. Cooper is the media production specialist for the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music.