Matt Pogue

Matt Pogue

Web Development + Graphic Design

Office: UMC-C212
Phone: 714-594-9408

Matt Pogue has been an employee of CSULB since 1993. He holds a B.A. in Liberal Studies with a music concentration from CSULB in 1998, and two additional B.A. degrees in Classics/Greek and Classics/Latin from CSULB in 2006, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude and was named the Distinguished Undergraduate Student for the department of Comparative World Literature and Classics.

In addition to singing with CSULB’s Chamber Singers and Opera Pacific, Matt has spent the last 25 years collaborating as a multi-instrumentalist with local musicians and artists in the Long Beach underground, and can be heard on recordings by Joy Shannon and the Beauty Marks and in works on the MPRNTBL label. From 2003-2012 he was in a folk/shoegaze/prog rock/looper project with longtime collaborators David Nadal and Brian Halter (of Lead and Thoughts and Spears) known as Light From A Dead Star. In 2016 he founded SynthLab with Rychard Cooper, producing multimedia concerts featuring original music, live video projections, interactive installations, and recordings using modular and digital synthesizers, drum machines, acoustic and electric instruments, loopers, effects processors and software. Matt is a former member of the Trench Ensemble and has participated in events such as SoundWalk, SoundPedro, Night Dive at the Aquarium of the Pacific, Pump, and on the modular stage (as Faraday Cage) at the inaugural SynthPlex in 2019.

Matt started developing for the web back in the .com days of the ’90s, cutting his teeth on PHP 3, ColdFusion, and Flash. Currently he is a web developer and graphic artist for the Bob Cole Conservatory where he specializes in front-end user interface engineering and back-end programming and maintenance of the BCCM website. He also provides art direction and graphics for both online media and print advertising, and oversees the printed programs for the many music ensembles.