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Jane Eustis, Trade Card, 1769, Courtesy, American Antiquarian Society

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Jane Eustis, Trade Card

Like many other women who kept shop in pre-revolutionary Boston, Jane Eustis sold a variety of imported British goods. This trade card, known at the time as a shopkeeper's bill, is an unusual artifact in a couple of respects. First, it is the oldest known trade card belonging to a female trader. Second, it carries on its reverse a list of a customer's purchases from April 17, 1769.

For an on-line exhibit pertaining to women's work in early America, see "A Woman's Work is Never Done" at the American Antiquarian Society's web site.

For more on Jane Eustis, see Patricia Cleary, Elizabeth Murray: A Woman's Pursuit of Independence in Eighteenth-Century America, Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press, 2000.

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