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The Independent Chronicle, and the Universal Advertiser, 7 August 1777. "Queries, by a LADY." Courtesy, American Antiquarian Society

Queries, by a LADY.
Query. Would it not be as proper for Lieutenant Camp-
, who resides in Cambridge Prison, to be set free, and go
wherever he pleases as to be at the Trouble of entertaining Mrs. Inman
and Mrs. Sargeant in his Confinement? Is not this corresponding
with our Enemies?
Query. Did not the former of these Women escape into Boston,
when the Town was shut up, under Pretence of seeing her sick
Husband; though her Husband was perfectly well, and walking the
Streets? Did she not clandestinely convey herself and live Stock to
Newport, to be transported by Capt. Lindsey to Boston, during the Siege?
Query.Was it never heard that any masculine Female has had
a hand in a Plot?

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