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James Smith and Elizabeth (Murray) Campbell, prenuptial agreement, 13 March 1760, J. M. Robbins Papers, Courtesy, Massachusetts Historical Society. Page 1


This Indenture tripartite made this thirteenth 
day of March, Anno Domini One Thousand seven hundred & sixty
By and Between James Smith of Boston in the County of Suffolk
Merchant on the first part, Elizabeth Campbell of Boston aforesd; 
Widow on the Second Part, and William Hooper Clerk and Ezekiel
Goldthwait Esqurs both of Boston aforesaid as Trustees for the said 
Elizabeth Campbell on the third Part Witnesseth Wheras [torn] 
Marriage is shortly to be Solomnized between the said James [torn] 
and the said Elizabeth Campbell, and in Case the same
Marriage takes Place certain Marriage Articles and Covenants
are agreed upon as herein after is express'd vizt.

First That the said James Smith shall and hereby doth for
himself his Heirs Excors and admors covenant grant & agree
to and with the said William Hooper and Ezekiel Goldthwait
Trustees as aforesaid for the said Elizabeth her Excors Admors and
Assigns, that in Case said Marriage shall be solemnized between
them, and the said Elizabeth sho'd survive him, his Excors and 
Adminors shall then pay to her the said Elizabeth her Excors
and Adminors the Sum of Ten Thousand Pounds Lawfull
money of Great Britain in Lieu of her Thirds and Dower and 
all other Demands on his Estate Real or Personal, sav[torn-probably "save what"] 
is secur'd to her by this Indenture. That in Case said Mar[torn-probably "Marriage"] 
should take Place whether she shall survive him or not, she
or her sd Trustees for her, shall and may have the absolute
of all the Goods and Chattles herein after mentioned and assigned
during their joint Lives, the Coverture notwithstanding, and 
he neither shall nor will assume any Power over, or claim

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