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Specialized Music Education

In addition to our traditional Music Education program, we offer a pathway for a select group of musicians with unique performance skills who desire to become music teachers. Graduates will be prepared to teach traditional (band, orchestra, choir) and alternative ensembles (e.g., popular music, mariachi, technology, etc.).

Students with unique qualifications who are interested in our Specialized Music Education Pathway should contact Dr. Thies regarding special audition requirements on non-traditional instruments. All University admission requirements, deadlines, and other Bob Cole Conservatory audition requirements must be met.

Specialized Music Education Pathway

Our Specialized Music Education Pathway is designed to appeal to a wider population of music makers from nontraditional backgrounds (popular music, technology, mariachi, etc.) who posses the following characteristics:

  • Highly developed performance skills in: an otherwise nontraditional medium or genre; special technology expertise; highly developed creative musical abilities; perfect pitch
  • Evidence of literacy OR if candidates are not traditionally literate (Western notation), then they must demonstrate literacy skills in the nontraditional medium or genre
  • A disposition for teaching and leadership potential
  • Potential for success in 4 semesters of traditional large ensemble performance (likely concert band, Forty Niner Chorus, 3rd orchestra or band, or jazz combo)
  • Potential for success in a music teaching position that includes traditional ensemble/general music teaching AND emerging methods/ensembles

Our music education faculty is prepared to provide you with:

  • Graduate student mentoring for necessary tutoring for identified theory/notation deficiencies
  • Lessons (½ hour, until junior year)—music education faculty (MUED) and appropriate Area Director(s) will determine reading and performance ability in a traditional lesson format. If needed, MUED faculty will provide lessons.
  • A traditional major ensemble experience (band, orchestra, choir, or jazz) in semesters 1-4 *
  • A nontraditional major ensemble experience (in your specialty, e.g., popular music, mariachi, technology, etc.) during semesters 5-8 *

*TRANSFER STUDENTS: please note that your placement in semesters 1-8 is dependent on your current number of accepted transfer units. Please contact Kirsten Sumpter for additional placement information.

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