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Chamber Ensembles

The Trumpet Ensemble performs Ives’ Variations on America arranged by Rob Frear.

The Department Of Music is proud to offer a wide variety of chamber music experiences for the aspiring professional musician. Coached and conducted by the foremost leaders in the field, the ensembles exhibit a very high level of performance excellence. Each ensemble is in popular demand and performs concerts both on and off campus. The philosophy of the chamber music program is to provide students with a wide exposure to and performance of the standard and contemporary chamber literature. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the chamber ensemble program by experiencing a variety of performance ensembles.

Brass Chamber Music is available to all students. Mixed ensembles from duets to large groups are established relative to available performers and the instrumentation of the literature. Student performers are assigned to ensembles relative to experience and ability level.

The University Brass Ensemble performing in the Bob Cole Amphitheatre at night.
The University Brass Ensemble performing in the Bob Cole Amphitheatre at night.

University Brass Quintet

The University Brass Quintet is an audition group composed of the finest brass performers in the department of music. Known for its professional quality performance, the group is very active in concerts, presentations, and competitions throughout the west. The University Brass Quintet is the premiere brass group in the department of music.

University Brass Ensemble

The Brass ensemble is the largest brass group featuring the finest brass players in the Department of Music. Audition is required for admission. The repertoire uses 12 to 20 players. The group is active in concerts and clinic performances throughout the year. Members of this group make up the personnel for the University Commencement Brass, a scholarship performance group that performs for the university commencement exercises.

Trombone Choir

Open to all students, the Trombone Choir is a unique performance ensemble that utilizes soprano through contrabass trombones. Membership can exceed 20 players. The trombone choir enjoys a very popular reputation for performance excellence.

Trumpet Ensemble

Open to all students, the Trumpet Ensemble performs literature using a wide array of instruments, and a varying number of performers when called upon by the composer. The Trumpet Ensemble provides a unique opportunity for interested performers.

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