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Courses - RUSS Upper Division

General Education Category A must be completed prior to taking any upper division course except upper division language courses where students meet formal prerequisites and/or competency equivalent for advanced study.

310. Russian Literature in English (3)

Prerequisites: GE Foundation requirements, and any course in literature or European history.
Taught in English, this course examines the major themes of Russian life as seen through the literature of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries

312. Advanced Russian (3)

Required background or experience. Ability to read general material in Russian and to translate non-technical material into the language. Extensive reading of Russian writings, review of grammatical principles, and a general consolidation of the four language skills: reading, oral comprehension, composition, and conversation

314. Russian Conversation (3)

Prerequisite:Upper-division standing in Russian or consent of instructor.
Intended to meet specific, everyday situations and to provide help to those who intend to use Russian for travel, work, or classroom instruction

399. Directed Studies in Russian Language (1-3)

Prerequisites: Consent of instructor.
Independent study undertaken under the supervision of a faculty member. A Directed Studies course designed to meet the individual needs of students.
Letter grade only (A-F).

410. Introduction to Russian Civilization (3)

Prerequisites: GE Foundation requirements, one or more Explorations courses, and upper-division standing.
Examination of the characteristic features of Russian culture with special attention to the study of art, architecture, folklore, music, poetry and religion.

428. Russian Cinema (3)

Prerequisite: Upper-division standing.
Focuses on the Socio-political and aesthetic aspects of Russian Cinema, delineating the following periods: Soviet Silent Cinema, Stalinist Cinema, Cinema under the Thaw, Cinema under Brezhnev, and Contemporary Cinema.
Letter grade only (A-F). Same course as FEA 458. Not open for credit to students with credit in FEA 458. (2 hrs sem, 2 hrs activity)

499. Directed Studies in Russian (1-3)

Prerequisites: Senior standing, consent of instructor.
Readings in areas of mutual interest to student and instructor that are not a part of any regular course. Written report or project may be required.

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