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Minor in Russian

As the relations between the United States and post-Soviet Russia continue to develop, students should no longer think of Russian Studies solely as a defensive tool (i.e., for employment with agencies such as CIA, NSA, FBI, etc.), but also as a potential instrument for promoting world peace through commerce (e.g., joint ventures) and communication (e.g., Peace Corps and teaching English in Russia). With these diverse ends in mind, the Minor in Russian allows students at CSULB to acquire a strategic language and a specialization in an important region and diverse culture. The Minor in Russian is 21 units and is available to any non-Russian major.

Take all the following prerequisites:

  • RUSS 100 Fundamentals of Russian (6)
    Prerequisite/Co-requisite: Any Foundation course.
  • RUSS 200 Intermediate Russian (6)
    Prerequisite: Completion of RUSS 100 or a minimum of 3 years of high school Russian.
    Corequisite: Any Foundation course.

Take an additional 9 units from the following upper-division course work:

  • RUSS 310, RUSS 410, RUSS 428, RUSS 499; GEOG 318; HIST 341A, HIST 341B.

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