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Courses - REC Lower Division

100./300. Orientation to the Recreation Major (3)

Orientation to the professional roles in the field of leisure services; the philosophy, academic requirements, standards, documentation, procedures of followed in the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies; and computer applications required of all majors.
Letter grade only (A-F). (Discussion, 3 hours) Not open to students with credit in REC 300.

141. Introduction to Leisure Services (3)

Prerequisite/Corequisite: One GE Foundation course.
Survey of public, private and non-profit agencies engaged in leisure services. Examination of populations served. Organizing principles of the recreation and leisure services profession.
Not open to students who have completed REC 241.

201. Teamwork and Group Dynamics (3)

Prerequisite/Corequisite: One GE Foundation course.
Introduction to group dynamics and teamwork. Presents participation in, leadership of, and facilitation techniques for team building through experiential group problem solving activities. Course utilizes ground based and low elements challenge course activities at the CSULB OutBAC Ropes Course. (Theory and practicum).
Letter grade only (A-F).

220. Universality of Play (3)

Prerequisites: GE Foundation requirements.
Exploration of ethnic origins of play from international perspective. Influence of play on creativity, drive and self image of society.
(Theory and practicum)

225. Programming Recreation Activities (3)

Methods and materials used in planning and leading organized recreation programs in public and private agencies. Analysis of interpersonal and group skills necessary for effective leadership of recreation activities. Special emphasis on supervised programming field experiences.
Letter grade only (A-F).

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