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Department Office: Engineering Technology (ET) - 101

Telephone: (562) 985-4071

Faculty: Keith Fulthorp, Marilyn A. Jensen (Emerita), Laurel Richmond, Terry Robertson, Heewon Yang, Nancy Zhao

Department Chair: Terry Robertson

Department Coordinator: Seyha Chea

Graduate Advisor: Laurel Richmond

Career Possibilities

National, State and Municipal Parks and Recreation Coordinators, Managers, Supervisors, Directors; City Managers, and Community Services Directors, Park Naturalists, and Park Rangers; in Hospitals, Clinics and Rehabilitation Programs as Recreation Therapists; Senior Center Directors; University Recreation Center and Intramural Directors; Athletic Sports Program and Facility Managers, Student Services Managers; Outdoor Adventure and Day Camp Directors, Recreation Facility or Club Managers, Travel and Tourism Agents or Guides, Sporting Goods Sales Representatives; Amusement Park, Hotel or Resort Managers, Military Recreation and Employee Services Specialists, Social Director and Event Managers; Nonprofit and Volunteer Services Managers. (For more information, see


The Department exists to promote a broader and deeper understanding of the role that leisure and recreation provides in the lives of all people as well as to enhance the quality of Recreation Leisure experiences available to each person.

The department is accredited by the Accreditation Council of the National Recreation and Park Association (National Recreation and Park Association, Council on Accreditation for Parks, Recreation, Tourism and Related Professions, 22377 Belmont Ridge Road, Ashburn, VA 20148, phone: 703-858-0784).

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