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California State University, Long Beach

Academic Appeals

Students may petition for exceptions to certain University academic regulations when unusual circumstances exist. For example, exceptions may be requested for policies pertaining to:

  • General Education (GE) substitutions or waivers

  • Repeat-Delete

  • academic renewal

  • academic disqualification and/or reinstatement

Academic regulations contained in Title 5, California Administrative Code, cannot be waived by petition.

To make an appeal, submit a Petition for Exception to Academic Policy form and all requested supporting documents to Enrollment Services. Forms may be obtained from Enrollment Services, Brotman Hall 101, or the University Center for Undergraduate Advising. A $10.00, non-refundable processing fee is required and must be paid when submitting the petition. You will be notified in writing once a decision has been made.

Please refer to the University Catalog for more information regarding Academic Appeals, as well as Grade Appeals, which follow a different procedure.