Chemistry Placement

Info for Incoming 2021 Science and Math Freshmen

Please note:

  • Online CHEM ALEKS program will be available to matriculated CNSM Fall '21 freshmen starting May 1, 2021.
  • For June registration dates, the CNSM due date for chemistry placement is June 17.
  • For July registration dates, the CNSM due date for chemistry placement is July 16.

Students majoring in chemistry, biology, environmental science and policy (ESP), geology, materials science, chemical engineering, and biomedical engineering, are required to complete general chemistry (CHEM 111A/B) as part of the chemistry sequence.

chem course scheme

For all science majors, CHEM 90 does not count towards degree progress.

Path for Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, and Geology majors:

  1. CHEM 90 - Intro to General Chemistry
  2. CHEM 111A - General Chemistry I
  3. CHEM 111B - General Chemistry II


Be advised that students who fail to place in CHEM 111A (college general chemistry) will be required to take pre-baccalaureate chemistry (CHEM 90) in Fall 2021. Taking CHEM 90 (which does not carry college credit) will delay your graduation for at least 1 semester.

The following are the CHEM 111A placement standards for Fall 2021 incoming freshmen:

  1. CHEM 111A (unconditional): AP CHEM with a score of 2 or CHEM ALEKS >80%
  2. CHEM 111A + CHEM 95: ALEKS 50-80%
  3. CHEM 90: ALEKS below 50%

NOTE: Also, requires math placement (or transfer credit) in MATH 113 or higher (MATH 113, 119A, 122, 123, or 224) to qualify for CHEM 111A.

ALEKS Assessment and Online Chemistry Review

The Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces (ALEKS) assessment will take 10-60 hours depending on the level of your chemistry knowledge and you can spread this over multiple days/weeks. A total grade of 80% or higher is passing. Access to ALEKS usually costs at least $30 but the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (CNSM) will pay for your license so this assessment is FREE.

Incoming CNSM Freshman will be contacted individually by the program assistant once they are eligible for the assessment.

For more information about chemistry placement, email


ALEKS Chemistry Placement

CNSM Academic Advising Center