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Chicano and Latino Studies

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Department Chair: Jose F. Moreno

Department Office: Faculty Offices FO3-300

Telephone: (562) 985-4644

Faculty: Luis Arroyo, Juan Benitez, Antonia Garcia-Orozco, Jose F. Moreno, Rigoberto Rodriguez, Victor Rodriguez, Maythee Rojas, Anna Sandoval

Department Administrative Support Coordinator: Michelle Seales

Students desiring information should contact the department office for referral to the academic advisor.

Academic Advisor: ATLAS

Telephone: (562) 985-7531

Career Possibilities

Social Scientist • Archivist • Social Worker • Journalist • Counselor • Teacher • Public Relations Consultant • Law • Community Organizer • School Administrator • Linguist • Parole Officer • Probation Officer • Editor • Writer • Urban/Regional Planner • Public Policy Administrator • Foreign Policy Officer • Researcher (Some of these, and other careers, require additional education or experience. For more information, see

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