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200. Intramural Activities (1)

Repeatable credits include previous credits from SAR 200.

210 A-W. Sport Clubs/Leadership (1)

Prerequisite: Participation/competition in sport clubs/leadership. Enrollment subject to consent of instructor or Director of Club Sports and Recreation.
Athletes enrolled who fail to qualify for squad must withdraw from the course. It is the student's responsibility to contact teams regarding practice times and eligibility requirements.
May be repeated to a maximum of 4 units, including previously earned credits from SAR 210. Credit/No Credit grading only.

  • A. Archery
  • B. Crew
  • D. Ice Hockey
  • E. Martial Arts
  • F. Rugby
  • G. Sailing
  • H. Ski and Snowboard
  • I. Soccer
  • J. Water Ski
  • L. Leadership
  • N. Lacrosse
  • O. Wakeboard and Waterski
  • P. Paintball
  • R. Roller Hockey
  • S. Cultural Dances
  • T. Ultimate Frisbee
  • U. Volleyball
  • V. Running
  • W. Bowling

Student Recreation and Leadership


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