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Minor in Hospitality Management

The 19-unit Minor in Hospitality Management is available to any non-Hospitality Management major.

Take all of the following:

  • HFHM 170 Intro to Hospitality Management (3)
    Prerequisites: None.
  • HFHM 173 Applied Foodservice Sanitation (1)
    Prerequisites: None.

Take 15 units selected from the following:

  • HFHM 176, HFHM 274, HFHM 276 or HFHM 343, HFHM 277, HFHM 371, HFHM 372, HFHM 373, HFHM 374, HFHM 375, HFHM 376, HFHM 378, HFHM 471, HFHM 472, HFHM 473, HFHM 476, HFHM 447 or HFHM 477, HFHM 479, and HFHM 492J.

Students are responsible to adhere to all prerequisites of courses as designated in the catalog. Certain combinations of classes could require additional units. Please see an advisor for help in making these decisions.

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