Brad Dutz

Brad Dutz


Office: UMC-C304

Brad Dutz began working as applied faculty at CSULB in the Fall of 1992. He was born 1960 in Decatur, Illinois, and has played music all his life. In 1981, after graduating from North Texas University, he moved to Los Angeles and began studying with Luis Conte, who to this day is a strong influence, both as a teacher and a friend. Brad’s musical influences include the works of Don Alias, John Bergamo, Airto, and Emil Richards.

He has twenty-four cds as a leader and composed the entire body of music on more than fifteen of those cds. The ensembles he has written for cover a wide range of instrumental combinations. Everything from solo pieces to nonets are featured on his compact discs. 2011 saw the third release, Fashionably Impared, of his latest quartet project. This unit has the unique combination of mallet percussion, oboe, cello, and bass clarinet. Other recent ensembles include The Other Three (a trio with Kim Richmond and John Fumo), Obliteration 4tet (found objects for percussionists), Polarity Taskmasters (keyboards, voice, theremin, percussion) and the duet CD with reedman Vinny Golia. He can be heard on cds for artists like Alanis Morissette, KISS, Willie Nelson, Michael Wolff, Tribal Tech, David Beniot, LeAnn Rimes, Mitch Forman, Kim Richmond, Rickie Lee Jones, Hands On’Semble, and actors Jeff Bridges and Ronny Cox.

He can be heard on TV shows King of the Hill, Family Guy, American Dad, Enterprise, and Firefly. Some of the movies that Brad has played on are The Dictator, Battleship, Bourne Legacy, Cowboys and Aliens, Prince of Egypt, Syriana, Hidalgo, Rugrats Go Wild, Star Trek 5, Ocean’s Eleven, The Anchorman, Transformers 1 and 2, Rush Hour 3, Run Down, and Bucket List.

His teaching experience includes four years of a monthly column for Drum Magazine on hand percussion and he has written three books of his compositions: Manipulations In Sound And Time, Music for Hand Percussion, and Percussion Pieces For Duos, Trios and Quartets.

Brad has taught hand percussion at Cal State Long Beach since 1997 as a part-time lecturer. He has conducted hundreds of clinics at colleges and high schools on a variety of topics (including studio work, composing for percussion, producing one’s own CD, world percussion, and freelancing in the music industry). He has also done master classes and lectures at many schools including Cal Arts, Saddleback College, Chapman College, NIU, WINONA State in MN. Cal State LA, Indiana University, UNT, Weber College, USC, UCLA, EIU, Eagle Rock Community Center, Southern Methodist Univ, ISU, U of I, Millikin, Pierce College, University Nebraska, Southern Utah University, Brigham Young, and many others…and in 1995 was featured on four videotapes (since reissued on DVD) titled Have Fun Playing Drums. There are four brand new Dutz compositions just published by Honeyrock Music. His endorsements include Vic Firth, REMO, Yamaha, Paiste, and Roland.