Luke Hannington

Luke Hannington


Office: UMC-C304

Luke Hannington is a music pedagogue, composer, orchestrator, music theorist and recording artist.

His concert works include the symphony, Hesby Street, the P.G. Wodehouse opera, The Inferiority Complex of Old Sippy, Five Alice Songs, a song cycle based on the works of Lewis Carroll, and Robin, a wind quintet commemorating the life of Robin Williams. He has co-written a secular Christmas cantata New Life, with text derived from the new testament and the works of Christopher Hitchens. As an orchestrator he has specialized in stage musicals and variety shows. Recent projects include Neil Simon’s Musical Fools and In a Booth at Chasens. He also enjoys exploring the limits of popular song. He has written close to a thousand pop songs, many of which are in non-standard song forms such as sonata form, rondo, and arch forms. They may be found on his recent album Popular Selections for the Youth Market, Vol. 2 and in his YouTube series "My New Song."

He is the founder and music director for The Silent Movie Ensemble, a 14-piece group dedicated to making audiences scream and stomp through classic movies such The Lost World, accompanied by a live orchestra and sound effects.

His work as a theorist specializes in music of the 18th-century, particularly the emergence of sonata form.

He is currently working on a version of his Lost World score for fill orchestra and two textbooks (for orchestration and form and analysis).