Omer Benli

Omer Benli

Professor, Information Systems (IS)
Campus Phone: 562.985.7697
Office: COB-329 (Hours)
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Omer S. Benli is a professor in the Department of Information Systems at California State University, Long Beach. He served as an Associate Dean in College of Business Administration from 2008 to 2018; and was the CSU-5 Campus Guide from 2013 to 2018. Dr. Benli is currently the President-elect of Western Decision Sciences Institute, and served as the editorial board member and reviewer for numerous journals. His areas of research interest are analysis & design of supply chain & logistics decision support systems and logic-based methods in optimization. He has extensive applied research experience in industry, military and governmental organizations. He teaches courses on quantitative techniques. Prior to joining California State University, Long Beach, Dr. Benli was at Bilkent University, where he served as the Director of Science and Engineering Research Center, and was the founding chair of Department of Industrial Engineering. Previously, he served as a faculty member and researcher at METU, Syracuse University, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Missouri University of Science and Technology, The Anderson School at UCLA. Dr. Benli received his Ph.D., in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, from Syracuse University; M.S.E. in Industrial and Operations Engineering from The University of Michigan; M.S. in Industrial Engineering from University of Missouri-Columbia; and B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University.

Quantitative techniques in decision-making; spreadsheet-based business modeling.

Applied mathematical programming; analysis & design of supply chain and logistics systems.

  • PhD, Syracuse University, 1975
    Major/Concentration: Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
  • Master, The University of Michigan, 1972
    Major/Concentration: Industrial and Operations Engineering
  • Master, University of Missouri - Columbia, 1968
    Major/Concentration: Industrial Engineering
  • Bachelor, Purdue University, 1966
    Major/Concentration: Industrial Engineering
  • California State University, Long Beach (2009 - Present) Associate Dean for Administration
  • California State University, Long Beach -- CBA (2000 - 2001) Professor
  • The Anderson School at UCLA -- Decisions, Operations, and Technology Management (2000 - 2001) Visiting Scholar
  • Missouri University of Science and Technology -- Department of Engineering Management (1995 - 1997) Visiting Professor
  • Visiting Professor (1990 - 1992) Visiting Professor
  • Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey (1986 - 2001) Associate Professor
  • Syracuse University -- Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (1978 - 1980) Visiting Professor
  • Associate Professor (1968 - 1986) Associate Professor
  • "Consensus-Based Group Decision Making", Decision Line, Jun-2016
  • "Consensus?Bases Group Decision Making", MISSING/BAD/TBD, Jan-2010
  • "Benchmarking the Efficacy of Team Decisions Using A Game Theoretic Approach", Total Quality Management and Business Excellence , Jan-2009
  • "A Strategic Analysis of U.S. Public Business Schools", Western Decision Science Institute , Vancouver, Canada , Jan-2017
  • "A decision support tool for managing supply chains facing disruptions", Decision Sciences Institute DSI (Annual Meeting) , Washington, DC , Jan-2017
  • "Designing Resilient Supply Chains under Possible Job Actions", Western Decision Science Institute , Las Vegas, NV , Jan-2016
  • "A Decision-Support Tool for Supply Chains under Possible Job Actions", Decision Sciences Institute DSI (Annual Meeting) , Austin, TX , Jan-2016
  • "Supply Chain Planning under Possible Job Action", Western Decision Science Institute , Maui, HI , Jan-2015
  • "Constraints Programming Applications in Supply Chain Scheduling Problems", Western Decision Science Institute , Napa, CA , Jan-2014
  • "Event-Time Models for Supply Chain Scheduling,Chapter 9 in Optimization and Logistics Challenges in the Enterprise" , Decision Sciences Institute DSI (Annual Meeting) , Jan-2009
  • "President" (Jan-2020) ,
  • "President-Elect" (Jan-2019) ,
  • "Vice-President, Program Chair Elect" (Jan-2017) ,
  • "Vice-President, Member Services" (Jan-2016) ,
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