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General Physics is the option chosen for any field of Physics. In particular, students interested in Elementary Particle Physics or Physics Education & Teaching who do not wish to take Applied or Computational Physics should choose this option. Further topics of interest that are not listed here or in the two other options should be discussed with the graduate advisor.

Students interested in choosing a topic in Elementary Particle Physics should contact the graduate advisor, and S. Rajpoot or Z. Hlousek. Students interested in physics education online should contact Z. Hlousek, and/or T. Gredig, C. Kwon. Students interested in aspects of teaching and learning of physics should contact C. Kwon.


The classes to take for this option depend on the topic chosen. Students should contact the graduate advisor during the first semester to discuss the matter. Note that choosing General Physics does not preclude a student from taking any class of his/her interest.

Students who wish to participate in Physics Teacher Education program should take in addition to classes they like, the two following classes:
Physics Teaching Experience (PHYS-390) and Physics Teaching Methodology (PHYS-490).