Ren Geisick in

Alumna Ren Geisick was featured on She will be singing a tribute to Nina Simone and as part of Free Jazz Wednesdays  in San Jose.

In the article, she credit Christine Guter with much of her success. “She taught me so much about technique and about the voice, being emotional in delivery but not crying or anything.  I would sometimes get overly emotional, and she would say “You can’t do that, because what you’re doing is becoming a vessel for the music. You’re giving [the audience] the opportunity to feel the emotions. If you get emotional to the point that you can’t deliver that performance, then you’re taking away from them their ability to be in the moment and to feel whatever you’re trying to get them to feel.” She was just really an amazing teacher.”

Daily 49er Features Steel Drum Orchestra in Panomundo

The BCCM Steel Drum Orchestra was recently filed for a documentary called Panomundo, a history of the steel drum. CSULB is the only US representative in the film. The Daily 49er published a feature article on the October Concert and the process of filming. The photo is courtesy of Kim Long Vo, an alumni of the percussion program.

Dr. Dave Gerhart discovered documentary project through social networking, and was invited to join the project after sharing a video of his orchestra with the filmmakers.