Josh Nelson on NPR

Josh NelsonNPR chose Josh Nelson  as one of “Six Creative Presenters” for their “The Discovery Sessions”

As NPR wrote, “Once a month, Nelson curates a unique double-bill: improvised music paired with live painting.”

“It’s like an umami thing — getting all these tastes and flavors,” Nelson says. “The emphasis is on discovering new visual artists and also musical artists. … There just needs to be two or three people taking the reins … debuting somebody else, maybe it’s a classical thing … or some electronica—there’s so many ways it can go.” Nelson believes that this re-imagining of the jazz club experience will inject new energy into the community. As Carballada explains, “He’s got his finger on the pulse of the art world today, this beautiful blurring of boundaries — [he's] bringing that into the club arena. It’s great to have an audience there to experience it with you.”

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