Dr. Leland Vail, Distinguished Faculty Advisor

We celebrated Lee Vail’s award as the 2012 Distinguished Faculty Advisor, as well as his last semester as a full time faculty member. Lee will begin the Early Faculty Retirement program in the fall.

Lee has been the undergraduate advisor since being named to a tenure-track position. He has also acted as the graduate advisor.

Several current and former students wrote on his behalf. Jeremy Cooley wrote, “He wanted to be sure I was succeeding, to help me become the musician that I wanted to be.  If he was in his office, the door was always open, welcoming students with questions and concerns at any time, never turning anyone away.  Come Christmastime, he would bring hot cider and offer it to any and all who passed by his office.  It was clear to me that he loves his work,  that not only does he love the students for whose success he is responsible, but that he loves life and people in general.”

Anna DeMichele wrote, ”He offers humor when appropriate, correction when warranted and advice when needed. He is very approachable, always treats students with the utmost respect, and his general attitude is reflective of one who truly enjoys his job.”

Corbin Foster wrote, “I knew that, if I felt like I wasn’t going far enough or as good as I thought I should be, I knew I could talk to him about it. Perhaps it was because he was so hard on people, that whenever he would look at you, take off his glasses and smile with not only his bushy salt and pepper beard, his eyes would show genuine concern. I always left his office feeling better, feeling brave enough to step back into those brick halls and hit the practice room some more.”

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