Steven Le

Steven V. Le

Professor, Finance (FIN)
Campus Phone: 562.985.1608
Office: COB-332 (Hours)

Dr. Steven Le has many years of experience in the areas of financial analysis, portfolio management and securities analysis, including investment management of complex portfolios, such as pension funds & trusts, and their risk management in international financial markets. Dr. Le was a key member of a corporate strategic planning team for a multi-billion-dollar asset NYSE company, Director of Economics at the State of Maryland (USA), and Managing Director of a national economic consulting firm in Washington, DC. As the Chief Economic Advisor for the United Nations, Dr. Le led a team of experts to provide assistance in the privatization process of state owned companies and stimulate the economic growth in Asia. Dr. Le is currently the Director of Graduate Program in Finance at the College of Business Administration, California State University, Long Beach. Since 1985, Dr. Le has served as Professor of Finance and was the Chair of the Department of Finance, Real Estate and Law (1989-1990) (2010-2013). He served on the graduate faculty of economics and finance at a number of universities including Virginia Tech and University of Baltimore (Maryland).

Investment Management: Asset Allocation, Portfolio Management, Valuation of Securities, Derivative Securities. Corporate Finance: Cost of Capital, Capital Budgeting, Valuation, Financial & Investment Analysis

Cost of Capital, Valuation, Multi-factors Valuation & Investment Model, Abnormal Returns, International Investments, Speculative Markets, Global Financial & Economic Outlook.

  • Certificate, Harvard University, 1999
    Major/Concentration: Finance & Investment Decisions (Post Graduate studies)
  • PhD, Iowa State University, 1977
    Major/Concentration: Finance
  • Master, Iowa State University, 1975
    Major/Concentration: Management Science
  • Bachelor, Iowa State University, 1973
    Major/Concentration: Civil Engineering
  • Graduate Program in Finance, California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) (2017 - 2018) Director
  • CSULB (2010 - 2013) Finance Chair
  • CSULB (1989 - 1990) Chair of Finance and Real Estate & Law
  • CSULB (1985 - Present) Professor
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (1983 - 1985) Assistant Professor
  • University of Baltimore (1982 - 1983) Assistant Professor
  • Central Michigan University (1977 - 1979) Adjunct Professor
  • Professional
  • Lubow, McKay, Stevens & Lewis (1983 - 1985) Managing Director of Economics & Finance
  • Troupe Kehoe Whiteaker & Kent (1982 - 1983) Managing Director of Economics & Finance
  • State of Maryland (1979 - 1982) Director of Economics
  • Kansas City Power and & Light Co. (1977 - 1979) Corporate Planner and Financial Economist
  • Associated Engineers Inc. (1974 - 1977) Management and Engineering Consultant
  • Wallace-Holland-Kastler-Schmitz & Co. (1973 - 1974) Management and Engineering Consultant
  • "Pre-Event Trading Based on Value Line's Weekly Rank Change Announcements", Journal of Trading, Jul-2016
  • "Investor Response to Online Value Line Rank Changes: Foreign versus Local Stocks", Global Finance Journal , Jan-2016
  • "Yes, The Value Line Enigma is Still Alive: Evidence From Timeliness Rank Changes", Financial Review (The) , Jan-2010
  • "Abnormal Returns and Stock Price Reactions to Corporate Insiders Trades", Western Decision Science Institute (WDSI) Meeting , Kauai, Hawaii , Apr-2018
  • "The Relationships between the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) Volatility Index (VIX) and Firm Valuation: A Statistical Analysis", Western Decision Science Institute (WDSI) Meeting , Vancouver, Canada , Apr-2017
  • "Institutional Ownership and Firm Valuation: A Multi-factors Statistical Analysis", Western Decision Science Institute (WDSI) Meeting , Las Vegas , Apr-2016
  • "CEO Turnover and Valuation of the Firms", Western Decision Science Institute (WDSI) Meeting , Maui, Hawaii , Apr-2015
  • "International Investment Diversification Before and After the 2008 Financial Crisis", Western Decision Science Institute (WDSI) Meeting , Maui, Hawaii , Apr-2015
  • "The Abnormal Returns and Stock Price Reaction to Barron's Buy/Sell Recommendations", Western Decision Science Institute (WDSI) Meeting , Napa, CA , Apr-2014
  • "The September Effect and the Emerging Equity Markets", Western Decision Science Institute (WDSI) Meeting , Apr-2012
  • "International Equity Market: Returns, Risks and Correlations Before and During the 2008 Global Financial Crisis", Western Decision Science Institute (WDSI) Meeting , Portland, OR , Apr-2011
  • "Harvard Business Case Workshop" (Aug-2015) , Case Workshop Harvard Business Boston
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