Laura Gonzalez

Laura Gonzalez

Associate Professor, Finance (FIN)
Campus Phone: 562.985.1560
Office: COB-420 (Hours)

I am an Associate Professor of Finance with over 10 years of experience teaching finance courses at the graduate and undergraduate level. I was elected to the Board of Southwestern Finance Association, have served in over 10 Best Paper Award committees for the Financial Management Association and Eastern Finance Association, for 2 years as Associate Editor in a peer-reviewed journal of finance and accounting, and in over 60 program committees for academic conferences in US, Europe and Asia. I have 16 publications, 9 in refereed academic journals including a Journal of Financial Economics. My research has been presented at the Federal Reserve Board in Washington D.C., Federal Reserve of New York, Federal Reserve of Chicago, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and Financial Management Association among other regional, national and international institutions and conferences in Europe, Asia and the Americas.Reviewer experience includes assisting Columbia Business Publishing and Harvard Business with cases, beside 8 academic journals including Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of International Money and Finance, The Financial Review, Journal of Financial Intermediation, and Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money. Finance practitioner experience includes 4 years as consultant for Prolider on Spanish multinationals, 3 years as import entrepreneur with partners in China, India and Canada, as well as 6 months as finance intern at the S. Illinois University Foundation - university where I earned two masters with full tuition waiver graduate assistantships. Electrical engineer experience includes a 2 year Research & Development collaboration with Telefonica SA, the leading communication operator in the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking markets. Media experience includes Thomson Reuters, Wall Street Journal, CNN, New York Times, Fortune CNN Money, Los Angeles Times, National Public Radio, International Business Times, TV Tokyo, IE Business News in India and CCTV in China.

Financial Institutions, Corporate Finance, International Finance, Entrepreneurial Finance, FinTech, Behavioral Finance, Financial Literacy, Banking

Financial Institutions, Corporate, International, Behavioral and Entrepreneurial Finance, FinTech, Financial Literacy, Banking, Governance

  • Certificate, Yale University online, 2020
    Major/Concentration: Financial Markets
  • Certificate, Harvard University online, 2020
    Major/Concentration: FinTech (Work In Progress)
  • PhD, University of Florida, 2008
    Major/Concentration: Finance
  • Certificate, Harvard Case Discussion Leadership, Harvard Business, 2006
  • Master, S. Illinois University Carbondale, 2003
    Major/Concentration: French, English & Spanish
  • Master, S. Illinois University Carbondale, 2002
    Major/Concentration: Business Administration, Finance
  • Bachelor, Bilbao Superior School of Engineering, Spain, 1999
    Major/Concentration: Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor, J.C.Arriaga School of Music, Spain, 1996
    Major/Concentration: Music Education and Performance, Piano
  • California State University, Long Beach (2016 - Present) Associate Professor
  • New York University (2014 - 2014) Visiting Scholar
  • Fordham University, NYC (2008 - 2016) Assistant Professor
  • University of Florida (2007 - 2008) Instructor
  • University of Florida (2005 - 2006) Instructor
  • University of Florida (2003 - 2008) Research Assistant
  • S. Illinois University (2000 - 2002) Research Assistant
  • Bilbao Superior School of Engineering (1997 - 1999) Research Assistant
  • "Blockchain, Herding and Trust in Peer-to-Peer Lending", Managerial Finance , Mar-2019
  • "Why European Banks are Undercapitalized and What Should be Done about it", Journal of Applied Corporate Finance , Feb-2018
  • "Competition against Common Sense Insights on Peer-to-Peer Lending as a Tool to Allay Financial Exclusion", International Journal of Bank Marketing, Aug-2015
  • "Bank Loans and Bubbles: How Informative are Press News?", Journal of Accounting and Finance, Sep-2014
  • "When Can a Photo Increase Credit? The Impact of Lender and Borrower Profiles in Online P2P Loans", Journal of Behavioral & Experimental Finance, Jun-2014
  • "Investing in Human Capital Online: For-Profit vs. Pro-Social Peer-to-Peer Lending", Western Decision Science Institute , Apr-2020
  • "Road to Perdition: Deepening insolvency or Costly Delays before filing Bankruptcy", FMA Financial Management Association FMA (Annual Meeting) , Jun-2019
  • "Road to Perdition: Deepening insolvency or Costly Delays before filing Bankruptcy", FMA Financial Management Association FMA (Annual Meeting) , Oct-2018
  • "Trust in Peer to Peer Lending", Global Finance Conference , Paris, France , Jul-2018
  • "Online Social Lending: The Effect of Cultural, Economic and Legal Frameworks", FMA Financial Management Association FMA (Annual Meeting) , May-2017
  • "Presenter, Discussant and Reviewer" , FMA Financial Management Association European Conference , Jun-2019
  • "Presenter, Discussant, and Reviewer" , Global Finance Conference -OTH , Jul-2018
  • "Presenter, Discussant, and Reviewer" , Infinti International Finance , Jun-2018
  • "Presenter, Discussant, and Reviewer" , FMA Financial Management Association Annual US Conference , Jan-2018
  • "Reviewer" , FMA Asian Conference , Jan-2018
  • "Reviewer" , FMA Financial Management Association European Conference , Jan-2018
  • "Reviewer" , FMA Applied Finance Conference , Jan-2018
  • "Reviewer" , FMA Financial Management Association Annual US Conference , Sep-2017
  • "Reviewer" , FMA Financial Management Association European Conference , Jun-2017
  • "Presenter, Discussant, and Reviewer" , FMA Asian Conference . , May-2017
  • "Reviewer" , Infinti International Finance , Jan-2017
  • "Presenter, Discussant and Reviewer" , FMA Latin American Conference , Jan-2017
  • "Reviewer and Discussant" , FMA Applied Finance Conference , Jan-2017
  • "Reviewer" , FMA Asian Conference , Jan-2016
  • "Reviewer" , FMA Financial Management Association European Conference , Jan-2016
  • "Panel Member for Prolider" , Prolider , Jan-2015
  • "Peer to peer lending online lecture " , Henry Stewart Talks, London, UK, Corporate Financing series , Oct-2014
  • "A new millennium in Entrepreneurship World-wide" , LID Publishing , Feb-2014
  • "Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets" , Duke Corporate Education & LID Publishing, , Jan-2014
  • "Panel Member for Prolider" , Prolider , Jan-2014
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