Information for Students Considering a Master's Degree in our Department

Highlights of our graduate programs:

  • Our graduate programs cover pure math, applied math, math education, and applied statistics.
  • We aim at building strong foundations and providing cutting edge technologies for our students.
  • The programs are designed to serve both full-time students and full-time professionals.
  • Graduate courses usually start at 4PM or later.
  • Most graduate courses are offered on two days a week, either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday. Some courses in math education and applied statistics are offered one day per week to accommodate working professionals.
  • Our students enjoy strong personal interaction with faculty members.

Choose your program:

First determine which program is appropriate for you. Check out our programs listed below:

Do you qualify?

Before you apply to your program, you must meet the following minimal requirements.  You should

  • have competed all but at most one of the prerequisites for your program, and

  • have a GPA of at least 2.5 in your last 90 quarter units or last 60 semester units of college level course work.

If you do not meet these requirements, you should contact the advisor for your program to discuss ways in which you can still meet your goals. Students who do not qualify to apply immediately are often directed to Open University, a program though which people not enrolled as students can take courses at CSULB. Before enrolling, seek advice from your program's advisor.

Types of admission:

Look at the prerequisite worksheet for your program.

If you qualify for your program and have a strong background, particularly in the prerequisite courses, you will be admitted to the program unconditionally.  If you qualify, but have a weak background, such as a GPA below 3.0, C's in the important prerequisite courses, or a missing prerequisite, you may be admitted to the program conditionally.  The conditions that must be met to make your status unconditional vary from student to student, but may include making up missing prerequisites, or retaking prerequisites in which you received low grades.

How to apply:

To apply for admission to a graduate program in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, you must apply to the department and to the university.

  • To apply to the department, complete the appropriate Prerequisite Worksheet and send it by email to your major Graduate Advisor:

  • To apply to the university, visit the following web site and follow the instructions. This involves filing an application on-line at CSU Mentor website, paying a fee and submitting official transcripts to the university. Note that you do NOT need to send transcripts to the department. The advisors will view your transcripts on-line.

Letters of recommendation and GRE are not required for your admission, but are helpful. The letters should be addressed to the graduate advisor specific to the program.  

Application Deadlines:

The Department deadlines for Fall and Spring applications are the same as the CSU Mentor Application Deadlines for our programs: The deadline for the Spring semester is November 1 and the deadline for the Fall semester is June 1.

Note: For international students, the application deadlines are much earlier. Please check the deadlines posted by the Center for International Education.

Apply for Assistantship:

A few GA/TA positions are available each year for our graduate students. You may apply for one of the positions available. Application deadlines are usually  April 1 for Fall semester and Novemeber 1 for Spring semester. Check out the Student Jobs page for more details.

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