Beach Review

Dhushy Sathianathan


Associate Dean, College of Engineering

Project Title: Promoting Institutional Change in Graduate Studies at CSULB

There are nine CSU campuses offering graduate programs in the Southern California, and each campus is organized very differently from each other in managing the programs. Leadership Fellow Dhushy Sathianathan teamed up with Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies, Dr. Cecile Lindsay to develop a strategy to promote institutional changes in graduate studies focused on student success. The initiative involved three major components. The first phase involved collection of credible data about the nine CSU campuses to compare the administrative structure, enrollment trends, faculty resources, and other lead indicators necessary for student success. The second phase involved a campus wide discussion on strategy for CSULB, which was organized as a faculty retreat on graduate studies. The faculty retreat was jointly organized with Dr. Laura Portnoi, who was also a Leadership Fellow who focused her efforts on leading a ProvostĀ¹s Taskforce on Graduate Student Success, and Dr. Babette Benken, Director of Graduate Studies, College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics. Lastly, the action items from the retreat served as a roadmap for promoting institutional changes in graduate studies. As a result of this work the Vice Provost office has established a new Director position for Graduate Studies and formed a new taskforce for Graduate Student Success Initiatives (GSSI).