Give Now, Save Now!

CSULB StudentsAs someone who spent years helping students, you know the value of a CSULB education. You also know that if you have investments with required minimum distributions (RMD), you pay additional taxes each year. The IRA charitable rollover may be able to help both.

If you are age 70½ or better, you can give now and save at the same time by making an IRA charitable rollover for any amount up to $100,000. Here’s how you can benefit:

• You get the satisfaction of knowing you can still help students learn at CSULB.

• The amount you withdraw does not count as income to you this year.

• Next year’s RMD may be reduced, thus lowering future additional taxes.

This special opportunity is only available until the end of 2013, so act now!

Call us to learn how to make this kind of gift or let us know your rollover is on the way. For more information, visit www.csulb.edu/giftplanning and click on “How to Give.”

The Office of Gift Planning