David Lee leaps in the air to spike the ball set up by a teammate
Japanese Garden
Why President Jane Close Conoley says she’s proud to be part of this community.
Photo of the stairs leading from Friendship Walk on campus.
New administrators, prestigious wins, and much more.
Illustration of Professor Angela Locks.
This professor believes involving students in research helps keep them in school.
Kenny breakdancing on the grass
One student combats personal struggle with an enviable outlook on life and a desire to forge connections wherever he goes.
Jean sitting on the grass
How one student is using animation to tell her story and help others.
Mayor Robert Garcia
Mayor Garcia’s path was forged at The Beach.
Mimi Haddon’s ‘Saint Monica’ watches over her city.
Mimi Haddon’s ‘Saint Monica’ watches over her city.
Pioneers of women’s basketball reunite after 40 years.
Students go up and down the stairs on campus.
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