Three young students draws on paper with 1 girl looking up
Isabel Patterson Center enables student parents to learn while their children grow
Lynohila Ward stares on at Bay Area
When life got tough, Lynohila Ward found Guardian angels along the way
Long Beach State rugby team practices
Despite cultural differences, these players come together on rugby field
Tutor helps solve equations
Students find help at the Learning Center
The Wooden Floor moves students to excel in life
Avis Atkins outside of the Psychology building on campus
Avis Atkins took hardship and turned it into lasting love of learning
Mike Hopkins
A strong work ethic helped propel Mike Hopkins to Hollywood executive
Rhodes Scholar Steffi Bryson runs near Golden Gate Bridge
She went from near-dropout to Rhodes Scholar
Robert Murphy tours the under-contruction Student Success Center
Donor Robert Murphy is doing it again, giving to new Student Success Center
Former football player Terrell Davis is honored at basketball game
Football star Terrell Davis found another route to NFL Hall of Fame