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President’s Message

I can sum up what most impresses me about our community in three words: “spirit of giving.”

President Conoley, wearing a black sweater and yellow scarf, poses outdoors.I can sum up what most impresses me about our community in three words: “spirit of giving.” From philanthropy to public service, random acts of kindness to lending a helping hand, Beach students, faculty, staff and alumni are dedicated to advancing CSULB—when they aren’t out there changing the world.

There is no better example of this remarkable spirit than current Alumni Association President Kathleen Hansen. When asked why she gives of her “time, talent and treasure,” her answer is simple, “Because it makes me so happy!” Kathleen is passionate about our university, and attributes her success in business directly to her bachelor’s degree and MBA. “CSULB changed my life by offering programs that opened doors to a larger world. Now I can change the lives of current students by giving back.”

As a student, Kathleen couldn’t afford music lessons or international travel—two interests she’s maintained throughout her life. So when she heard the Bob Cole Conservatory Chamber Choir needed additional financing to attend a competition in Europe she didn’t hesitate to give. Our choir went on to win the esteemed Choir of the World and Pavarotti Trophy.

She supports scholarships and volunteers as a mentor for the Student Center for Professional Development (SCPD). She calls SCPD “the Cadillac of mentoring programs” and says, “If I could have been part of this program as a student I would have.” Kathleen also made a significant contribution to the proposed Anna W. Ngai Alumni and Visitor Center because she believes, as I do, that alumni are fundamental to our success.

Kathleen is just one shining example of the spirit I see in so many of you. Open hearted, engaged, and downright committed to doing everything possible to make The Beach the best place to study, teach and work. Way to go . . . you make me so proud.

Go Beach!

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