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President’s Message

Why President Jane Close Conoley says she’s proud to be part of this community.

President Conoley, wearing a black sweater and yellow scarf, poses outdoors.

When asked what qualities I believe lead to success—in school and in life— there are several: gratitude and a positive attitude are key, as are critical thinking and hard work. But the first word that comes to mind is grit. The strength, courage, resilience and determination that so many of our students, staff, faculty and alumni possess. This can-do attitude is the unifying quality in the stories of triumph you will read about in this issue of Beach Magazine. A student with big dreams who continues to thrive despite physical challenges, a talented animator who makes a moving film about her experience with Asperger’s Syndrome, an alumnus who represents the U.S. at the Olympics in Rio—these are just a few of the many stories that make me proud to be part of The Beach community.

Hope you enjoy these stories of fortitude and success as much as I do.

Go Beach!

Image of President Conoley's signature.

Jane Close Conoley

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