Fresh Ink

Fresh Ink

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Colburn Where to Sell Photos25 Places To Sell Your Photographs and Photography Skills
By Jeff Colburn (1977, B.S., criminal justice)
Arizona photographer Colburn shares his insights into 25 revenue streams in today’s challenging professional photo industry.

Davis Phoenix Lights book cover hi respgDesert Magick: Phoenix Lights (Book 4)
By Dana Davis (1998, B.A., creative writing)
SynergEbooks Publishing
Arizona witch Daisy Hammel-Kavanaugh must neutralize the murderous spirit she unleashed on the living world and find her mother’s missing soul.

Gnatcatcher Book coverThe Gnatcatcher
By Rick Abbott (Richard E. Eichhorn, 1992, B.A., creative writing)
Kindle Direct Publishing
A scrappy bartender inadvertently matches wits with an Orange County developer over the tiny songbird’s habitat.

Revenge of the Golden Dragon Book cover Revenge of the Golden Dragon
By Gig Goodloe (Gregory G. Goodloe; 1978, B.A., radio/TV/film)
Llumina Press
The sequel to The Big Casino finds 1950s private eye Travis Dugan returning to Catalina Island to fulfill a promise and settle a score.

The New Lean for Life
By Cynthia Stamper Graff (1975, B.S., business administration–finance) and Reginald Allouche, M.D.
Harlequin Nonfiction
Graff, president and CEO of Lindora Inc. and a CSULB distinguished alumna, and Allouche have updated this best seller with research on the brain’s role in weight loss.

Greaves SwiftySwifty and the Wife Killer
By Roger F. Greaves (1962, B.A., social science)
In Greaves’ fourth Swifty King mystery, King and his crime-fighting colleagues embark on a worldwide search to help solve a murder.

Nexus Book Cover 1.jpgThe Nexus
By Dr. D. Edgar Guthrie (1979, MPA) and Janis Jablecki
Guthrie, a consultant with Education Synergy Consulting, and Jablecki reveal the results from a charter school research study on correlating school system best practices to student achievement.

9780989703734_covLosing Dad – Paranoid Schizophrenia: A Family’s Search for Hope
By Amanda LaPera (2000, B.S., business administration–marketing)
LaPera is a high school teacher and board member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness–Orange County who is donating a portion of her book’s proceeds to the organization.

Matney Five Scalps.jpgFive Scalps
By Jerry A. Matney (1959, B.A., physical education)
Matney chronicles the true story of Edward Rose, a mixed-race man who became a Crow nation leader in the early 1800s. Matney is a former Orange County educator and Huntington Beach mayor.

Mayhew Soul Survivor cover.jpgSoul Survivor
By Rick Mayhew (2009, B.S., occupational studies)
OakTara Publishing
This stunning sequel is a futuristic thriller based on today’s headlines that takes readers on an emotional roller-coaster ride of a lifetime.

Miller HomeandCondoDefects_frontcover.jpgHome and Condo Defects: A Consumer Guide to Faulty Construction, Second Edition
By Thomas E. Miller (1970, B.A., speech communication), Rachel M. Miller and Matthew T. Miller
Seven Locks Press
Construction defect litigation can be confusing, expensive and fraught with legal pitfalls. This eye-opening guide written by accomplished construction-defect attorneys Thomas, Rachel and Matthew Miller of the Miller Law Firm is an essential tool for board members and association managers who need to understand the legal process.

apocalyptic landscapeThe Energy Crusades
By Valerie Noble (2010, B.S., dietetics and food administration)
Astraea Press
An alien race has colonized future Earth and energy is the only accepted currency. All children must serve on Energy Crusades where the higher the level of danger, the higher the energy payout. Kaia and Ajax must team up to complete their crusade while fighting the Resistance.

Rachel Carter She RulesShe Rules – A Must Have Rulebook for Dating
By Rachel Renee (Rachel Carter, 2010, B.A., journalism)
Balboa Press
Renee’s guide provides humorous real-life dating scenarios plus tips and techniques to help women regain success in the dating scene.

Schultz Little Shadow cover.jpgLittle Shadow
By S. L. Schultz (Sandra Schultz, 2005, B.A.; 2007, M.A., English)
EditPros LLC
A painting falls off the wall of an American homestead prophesying the death of a family member over the course of three stormy and climatic days.

Plymouth Papers Cover2.jpgThe Plymouth Papers
By Clifton Snider (1969, B.A.; 1971, M.A., English literature)
Spout Hill Press
In his 15th book, Snider, a Long Beach State English lecturer emeritus, explores 17th-century English settlers of Plymouth Colony and their relationships—some unconventional for the time—with the native peoples.

Stacy Barstow Bones coverBarstow Bones: A Murder Mystery
By John Stacy (1967, B.A., creative writing; 1969, M.A., English literature)
Everhart Press
Barstow collectibles dealer Amanda Encinas buys a trunk from the basement of a demolished hotel and finds what appears to be the body of a lynched Japanese-American college student.

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