Pahka'anil (Tübatulabal) Text Project

Michael Ahland
Department of Linguistics
California State University, Long Beach
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The Texts

The texts contained in this set originally appeared in Charles F. Voegelin’s (1935) collection.1 In their original format, the transcription followed the approached used by Voegelin in his grammar of the language.2 The texts in this set have been re-written following the orthography used by the Pakanapul Language Team as written and distributed by Lindsay Marean. While the texts were published in 1935, they were not fully annotated or analyzed and no recordings were available.

The texts below feature recordings of Tina Guerrero and Robert Gomez reading the texts. The recordings were made in Kern County from 2017-2018. Each text has been time-aligned with the corresponding recording through the ELAN Linguistic Archival tool and then re-represented here in a more user-friendly HTML format that was designed and developed by Cem Demir.

The HTML interface features the wave form at the top, the grammatical information window in the middle, the control panel, and then the displayed (and time-aligned) multi-view transcript at the bottom. On the wave form, users can click at any point and immediately jump to that section of the text. The grammatical information window also jumps to the same point, so the user can see all available information. Alternatively, users can click on time-stamps in the grammatical information window to jump to and play any section of text (note that the played selection is highlighted in the wave form at the top). The entire text can be played by choosing the play button on the control panel. Users can adjust the speed, font size of the displayed transcript (below the control panel), and the preferred choice of displayed text (options include full Pahka'anil sentence, Pahka'anil word, Pahka'anil morpheme, English gloss, and English translation of the entire sentence).

1Voegelin C.F. 1935. Tübatulabal Texts, In University of California Publications in American Archaeology and Ethnology, Volume 34, No. 3, pp. 191-246. Berkeley: University of California Press.[PDF]
2Voegelin C.F. 1935. Tübatulabal Grammar, In University of California Publications in American Archaeology and Ethnology, Volume 34, No. 2, pp. 55-190. Berkeley: University of California Press.[PDF]

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