HSI-STEM programs at CSULB

Welcome to California State University Long Beach! We know that the transition to a large 4-year university can be difficult. Especially, if you are the first in your family to go to college or if you are juggling multiple priorities such as work and family. All the while taking difficult science, math, and engineering courses.

The HSI-STEM grant provides many services designed to support you in your academic endeavors as a STEM major at CSULB. The program will link you with valuable resources and academic support to assist you in developing skills and strategies to overcome any barriers or obstacles that may arise in completing your STEM degree. 

Summer STEM Mentors

The Summer STEM Mentor position offers STEM upper division students a paid opportunity to serve as STEM ambassadors. Summer STEM Mentors work with STEM freshmen and transfer students the summer before students enter CSULB.

EXCEL Peer Mentors

Mentor position offers STEM upper division students a paid opportunity to serve as ambassadors of their college by mentoring and tutoring STEM freshmen and transfer students during the academic year, and participate in the planning and implementation of other student and family events.

EXCEL Freshman Learning Community

Mentoring relationships are critical to launch successful academic and professional careers, and are needed every step of the way. The EXCEL Learning Communities provide students with tutoring, mentoring, and student success workshops in a cohort-based environment.

EXCEL Transfer Learning Community

One-semester learning community in the Fall semester for transfer students. Benefits include tutoring, mentoring, networking, and academic and professional development workshops.


Bienvenida is an annual Latino STEM student and family welcome event held at CSULB. The event provides the opportunity to engage parents, students, and family members in bilingual culturally relevant education activities to better inform and create the social support necessary for STEM academic success.

HSI-STEM Workshop Series

HSI-STEM offers a series of workshops for incoming STEM Students (freshmen & transfer). These workshops will cover a series of STEM related topics that can help you achieve your personal and academic goals each semester. Open to all incoming STEM Students. Participation in the workshops may count towards Leadership Academy Credit. Must RSVP. Email questions to hsi-stem@csulb.edu.

Drop-in Tutoring

Free tutoring is available through the Engineering Student Success Center in the College of Engineering and the Jensen SAS Center in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Take advantage of the free tutoring to tackle those challenging STEM courses.

We hope that you take advantage of the resources available to you. If you have any questions, please email hsi-stem@csulb.edu.

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