HSI – STEM Workshops


Program Details

HSI-STEM offers culturally relevant workshop* for first year STEM students at CSULB. These workshops will cover a series of STEM related topics that can help students achieve their personal and academic goals each semester. These workshops are free and open to ALL STEM students. Workshop topics will include: introduction to Cultural Wealth Model, communication and assertiveness within college and professional environments, mindfulness/stress reduction, growth mindset, working with multi-cultural teams, goal-setting, school and life balance, and recognizing and developing strengths.

Workshops are offered in the Fall semester.

* Can count towards Leadership Academy Credit

How to Participate

Must RSVP: Open to all STEM Students

Questions: hsi-stem@csulb.edu

Emerging STEM Leaders

A workshop that focuses on leadership qualities, engagement, and social change. Students will be introduced to the idea of developing leadership skills and characteristics.

Dear Self: Thriving in Year 1

These workshops will focus on your first year experience here at The Beach. You will hear the academic and personal journeys of our EXCEL Peer Mentors and what helped them to become successful during their first year and how they are student leaders today.

Who Am I? – Digging Into My Strengths

This workshop emphasizes the importance of self-awareness in daily situations and interactions. Through a discussion, students will be introduced to different mentalities and behaviors within society.

Stressing Less for STEM Students

Stress is one characteristic of STEM that is inevitable – all STEM students will be overwhelmed by the time and effort needed to succeed in the STEM field. Learning how to cope with stress is a key component of becoming a successful student.