Transfer Students


Welcome to CSULB!

There are several opportunities available for you to take advantage of before the start of your Fall semester at CSULB. The HSI-STEM program has several programs for you. You can apply to participate in anything from summer research to tutoring or getting matched to a STEM mentor. Check out our latest flyer and the links below for more information.








Summer Bridge to The Beach

The summer program aims to enhance incoming transfer students’ academic achievement with an applied research experience while facilitating their transition to CSULB. Conduct research in the summer before transferring for 8 weeks with a CSULB faculty mentor and engage in professional and academic development workshops.

STEM Transfer Orientation

One-day summer orientation for STEM transfer students to connect with CSULB before the Fall semester. Students will learn about the academic resources and student services available, along with meeting STEM peers, faculty and staff. It’s completely free!

EXCEL Learning Community

Join this one-semester learning community in the Fall semester for transfer students. Benefits include personalized tutoring, mentoring, networking, and academic and professional development workshops through this one- unit class in the Fall semester. Spaces are limited.


Bienvenida is an annual Latino STEM student and family welcome event held at CSULB. The event provides CSULB with the opportunity to engage STEM CSULB parents, students, and family members in bilingual culturally relevant education activities. The goal is to better inform audience members and create the social support necessary for STEM academic success. STEM professionals from the CSULB campus and the industry join us every year to share their journeys with you! The event is free of charge and held every September!

HSI-STEM Workshop Series

HSI-STEM offers a series of workshops for incoming STEM Students (freshmen & transfer). These workshops will cover a series of STEM related topics that can help you achieve your personal and academic goals each semester. Open to all incoming STEM Students. Participation in the workshops may count towards Leadership Academy Credit. Must RSVP. Email questions to

Drop-in Tutoring

Free tutoring is available through the Engineering Student Success Center in the College of Engineering and the Jensen SAS Center in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Take advantage of the free tutoring to tackle those challenging STEM courses.