Summer Bridge to The Beach

Are you research active in your field? Are you interested in providing mentorship in an effort to cultivate student success? Are you able to host an incoming transfer student in your lab during the Summer? If so, become a Faculty Mentor for the HSI STEM Summer Bridge to The Beach Program.

Program Details

Summer Bridge to The Beach is a 9-week research program for incoming Latino and Pell Grant eligible STEM transfer students. Participating students attend a one week orientation that includes: a brief introduction to the CSULB campus and student services, research-focused trainings to discuss lab safety and ethical conduct, and workshops targeting their academic and professional development. Participants then transition into the lab for 8 weeks of hands on research. Students are required to attend weekly brown bag meetings throughout the 8 weeks to further connect them and facilitate their transition to the campus. At the conclusion of the 8 weeks, students, faculty, families, and research teams are invited to attend a recognition event where students are given the opportunity to present on the research conducted and their experience.

Program Dates

June 12 – August 11, 2018

Program Goal

To engage Latino and Pell Grant eligible STEM transfer students in contemporary research, while facilitating their transition to the CSULB campus and to other existing minority research programs.

Program Objectives

  1. To increase each student’s ability to apply content and skills learned in the classroom to research,
  2. To increase student understanding of the research process and the notion that science is a creative process that advances further knowledge,
  3. To increase student knowledge of ethical conduct in their field of research, and
  4. To increase student ability to interpret results in research and draw conclusions.

Benefits of Mentoring and Engaging in Research with Students

  • Receive $1000 per student (paid as additional employment)
  • Receive $500 per student for laboratory research supplies
  • Gain a valuable member as part of your research team
  • Connect incoming transfer students to the campus and our research culture
  • Prepare students to apply to other campus minority-research opportunities

Note: If you are a faculty member on a H1B Visa, you cannot receive the additional employment paid through the CSULB Foundation. However, you can use the $500 towards research supplies.

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