CloudNOW Innovation Awards

CloudNOW Innovation Awards

On June 17 at the CloudNOW Innovation Awards, CloudNOW announced a nation-wide contest to identify the first ever Top College Women in Cloud.

CloudNOW’s is extending its reach into college age. We’re doing it because we want to empower today’s college women to become the creators of tomorrow’s technology and tomorrow’s leaders. We can’t wait to announce the very First Top College Women in Cloud in January 2015.

You can learn more about CloudNOW’s approach to solving the women in tech problem at

We are providing a total of $7500 in scholarship funding to the Grand Prize Winners. Donate now.

Contest Details:

Submit Your Business Plan, Technical Plan or Demo Highlighting Your Vision to Excel in a Technology Career. It is as simple and as broad as that. Please use the following as guidance:

  • Your concepts must be clearly state the origin of the idea and business impact and be supported by diagrams and illustrations. The idea can be inspired by an existing product or service so long as it is not a replication.
  • Describe how you have used cloud or converging technologies to solve a particular problem.
  • Described the benefits, efficiencies achieved, or other impact of this project in measurable and demonstrable metrics
  • Discuss the most valuable lesson learned from this project
  • Finally tell us why it should win for the Top Women in STEM Award.


  1. You must currently be in college or grad school studying STEM
  2. Women can apply for both the team and individual Award
  3. Men can apply for the team Award only, teams must be 3-5, and must have at least one woman

Submission Deadline: 01/15/2015 Submit your application on CloudNow!