Bienvenida is an annual Latino STEM student and family welcome event held at CSULB. The event provides CSULB with the opportunity to engage STEM CSULB parents, students, and family members in bilingual culturally relevant education activities. The goal is to better inform audience members and create the social support necessary for STEM academic success. STEM professionals from the CSULB campus and the industry join us every year to share their journeys with you! The event is free of charge and held every September!

Program Details

Bienvenida (welcome event) for STEM students and families is hosted annually in September to coincide with National Hispanic Heritage Month and Hispanic-Serving Institutions Week. It is a half day bilingual (Spanish/English) event organized to include 3 major themes: (1) student success, (2) campus culture, and (3) preparing for life after college.

Program Goal

To provide Latino STEM students and their families with bilingual information intended to foster an environment that is conducive to student success in STEM fields. The event is open to all students and families.

Program Objectives & Benefits

Students and their families will gain an understanding of:

  • STEM fields,
  • The role and challenges of a college STEM student,
  • The resources and services available to students, and
  • Increase their comfort level with CSULB.

Program Dates

September 21, 2019

Registration Coming Soon

Location: USU Ballrooms


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To our 2018 guests


We hope to see you in 2019!