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Vol 57 No. 4 | Feb. 2005
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Ray Briggs, Music, presented a paper titled "Rethinking Jazz History: Uncovering the Memphis Jazz Legacy" at the 32nd Annual International Association for Jazz Education Conference held in Long Beach, Jan. 5-8. Briggs also presented "Jazz, Jim Crow, and Urban Renewal: The Memphis Case Study" at the Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities held in Honolulu, Hawaii, Jan. 13-16.  

Vincent J. Del Casino, Jr., Geography, has published a study guide, an instructor's manual and a mapping workbook (2005) for Sallie A. Marston's popular world regional geography textbook, World Regions in Global Context , 2nd edition. He is also the second author, with S.P. Hanna, C. Selden, and B. Hite, of a refereed research article titled "Representation as work in 'America's most historic city,'" which appeared in Social and Cultural Geography, Vol. 5, No. 3.  

Walter Gajewski, Academic Computing Services, was recently contacted by Yale University's Oral History Department/Museum requesting one of his radio interviews of a well-known composer, Morton Feldman, in his early part of his career.

José Sánchez-H., Film and Electronic Arts, award-winning poet Tina Michelle Datsko, and Domenic Cretara, Art, had their 35mm short film, “The Millstone,” jury-selected to screen at the XIX Festival of the New Latin American Cinema on Oct. 28, in Trieste, Italy. Their film “The Pomegranate” screened at the Eighth Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival on July 17 and 25. It was also selected to screen as part of one of the events sponsored by the C.G. Jung Club of Orange County at Chapman University on Dec. 3; and as part of the “October is Arts Month” event at First Congregational Church of Long Beach on Oct. 15. On Oct. 30, Sánchez-H. also presented in Italy, another film restoration done by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Film Archive and the Film and Electronic Arts Department. At this event, CSULB received credit in the festival catalogue for its contribution to the international film community through the restoration of the award-winning documentary film “Vuelve Sebastiana” (“Come back Sebastiana,” 1953) by Jorge Ruiz.      

Judith Tyner, Geography, presented a paper titled “Staid in School and Worked on My Map: 19th Century Schoolgirl Maps” to the North American Cartographic Information Society conference in Portland, Maine, in October. She gave an additional presentation on the use of maps in murder mysteries, “Bloody Maps,” to the California Map Society meeting at UCLA in January.  

Book Review

Measurement Theory in Action: Case Studies and Exercises

The Routledge Dictionary
of Latin Quotations

Religious Studies' Jon R. Stone

The Routledge Dictionary of Latin Quotations by Jon R. Stone, Religious Studies. Routledge, based in New York and Oxford, publishes this comprehensive treasury of nearly 8,000 Latin quotations, mottoes, proverbs and maxims from the birth of the Roman Republic to the fall of its empire. It also addresses the Latin that distinguished the Renaissance and Reformation. The expressions are drawn from sources as different as philosophy, literature, politics, law, science, religion, drama, poetry and warfare. The text also includes an extensive English-Latin index and a layman's guide to Latin pronunciation. Stone, a La Habra native now living in Huntington Beach, joined the university in 2004. He is the author of eight other books including the award-winning Latin for the Illiterati and More Latin for the Illerati, also published by Routledge.  

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