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Momoli Named Employee Of The Month

Published: May 8, 2017

Nora Momoli, a Pre-Award Specialist in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, was chosen recently by her colleagues as employee of the month.

The member of the university since 2012 was recognized in a special ceremony held recently on Friendship Walk near the University Student Union that was renamed Nora Momoli Lane for the month.

President Jane Close Conoley praised Momoli for the high standards she maintains for herself and the work she produces.

“Those who work with her appreciate this quality as it transfers to good proposals being submitted,” she said. “Nora has a very positive attitude, is patient, helpful and always willing to assist those who are not as familiar with the pre-award process as she is.”

“I feel so honored to be recognized,” said Momoli, who finds it hard to talk about herself. One reason she feels her peers distinguished her is because she feels that they see the enthusiasm she has for research and education. “I have a passion for research and education and for my CSULB career,” she said. “I try to make things work. I believe in being positive.”

Momoli’s responsibilities as a Pre-Award Specialist consist of assisting CSULB faculty and program directors from the College of Natural Science and Mathematics, the College of Continuing and Professional Education and other CSULB divisions to prepare and submit public and private contracts as well as grants.

“It’s my responsibility to assist the faculty and program directors to produce favorable proposals,” she said.

Momoli works hard to ensure proposals have the necessary internal clearances and follow the submission process to sponsoring agencies.

“It may be tedious and time-consuming but I have the knowledge, experience and patience for it,” she said. “I have a passion for this field because I am aware of the possible rewarding outcomes. Research and education play a huge role in higher education, not only because of the generous amount of external funding it brings the institution, but because of what it does for CSULB students, faculty and the City of Long Beach. CSULB is competitive in this field. We not only have much to offer but CSULB has so much potential to grow in this field. I feel proud to be a part of that. Receiving a contract and or grant award is not only gratifying but it is also prestigious. The service we provide the campus is very unique.”

Momoli brings a positive mental attitude and a strong work ethic to her position. “What we’re trying to do in this office is to create a win-win situation for many (campus, students, faculty and the city of Long Beach),” she said.

Momoli is proud of her high standards. “It is incredible what we do here,” she said. “Not only do we build strong support within the campus but our work also creates great external collaborations and strong influences. We provide a unique service on this campus.”

Nora Momoli (r) with President Jane Close Conoley.
Nora Momoli (r) with President Jane Close Conoley.

She is happy to work in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. “What I do represents a team effort,” she said. “It is important to have cooperation and mutual understanding. It helps to have the right staff environment when you are working with heard deadlines.”

Momoli gets a special satisfaction when she knows she has made a positive impact.

“I’ve had faculty visit my office to thank me in person,” she said. “It is great to see the gratitude on their faces. It is important to never to give up. It is like entering the Lotto. You have to compete to win.”

When she is not working at CSULB, Momoli serves as a Girl Scout Troop Leader.

“I do a lot with my family and friends,” she said. “Being a Girl Scout Troop Leader is one of the things I do that makes me feel I am making a contribution.”

Her focus is to stay positive. “I keep a mindset that one is never too old or too young to learn something new,” she said. “I treat people the way I would like to be treated, fair and with a smile.”

Momoli received several gifts with her recognition including a framed picture with the president, a CSULB sweatshirt, a $25 gift certificate to Mimi’s Café, a gift certificate for one pound of See’s candy, a $15 iTunes gift card and a $5 gift card to In-N-Out Burger.