Mission and Vision


The mission of TRiO and Migrant Programs (TRiO) is to open avenues of access to and success in higher education to low-income, first generation, disabled and underrepresented college students. TRiO will increase the retention and graduation rates of these students by providing quality services within a supportive climate, beginning in Kindergarten and continuing through higher education. By making a collaborative effort, and by being an integral part of CSULB, TRiO students will benefit from services, which include multicultural experiences, academic support, career guidance, cultural explorations, financial aid assistance, personal guidance and student leadership. Through our partnerships locally, regionally, and nationally, TRiO will advocate on behalf of our students for greater access in order for them to graduate from high school, enroll in and graduate from higher education, prosper, and make meaningful contributions to society.


The vision of TRiO and Migrant Programs (TRiO) is to foster a nurturing environment for student growth and development by creating within CSULB a model program for student services. During the twenty-first century, we will work in close partnerships with grades K-12 in targeting, recruiting, and preparing students academically for higher education. In response to the changing demographics, we enthusiastically accept the challenge of significantly increasing the representation and graduation of low-income, first-generation, disabled and underrepresented students in higher education. Truly, we envision TRiO alumni to be local, regional, national and world leaders, who will make significant contributions to the communities in which they reside and to society in general.