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California State University, Long Beach
Important information about the university's response to COVID-19
STARS/SOAR, Student Transition & Retention Services / Student Orientation, Advising & Registration
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Fall 2021
SOAR Information for Transfer Students


COVID-19 and the
SOAR Virtual Orientation Workshops

During the COVID-19 pandemic, your health and safety are especially important to us. Student Orientation, Advising & Registration (SOAR) has moved all of its workshops and programs online for first-semester/incoming students joining the university for the upcoming semester. There is no need to come to campus for any in-person orientation activities or events. 

Please note the university will be closed for the Fourth of July Break Monday, July 5, 2021.

About SOAR

SOAR (Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration) is a comprehensive orientation program designed to support incoming undergraduate students as you transition – both academically and socially – to California State University, Long Beach. All incoming students are required to complete two components:

What to Do Before Your
SOAR Virtual Orientation Workshop

1.Submit your Admitted Student Reply and Enrollment Deposit by the deadline determined by the university. Use your MyCSULB account to accept admission and submit your deposit.

2. Make your Orientation Workshop reservation, also known as a SOAR Virtual Orientation Workshop, starting at 9:00am on Tuesday, April 6. The deadline to make your reservation is Tuesday, June 1, 2021. Visit How Do I Make My SOAR Virtual Orientation Workshop Reservation? for detailed directions.

3. Check your BeachMail account ( and personal email on a regular basis – university correspondences/emails will be sent to both accounts including:

  • A. Your SOAR Virtual Orientation Workshop Confirmation. This email will confirm your scheduled virtual workshop date and time, list items you must complete before participating in your virtual workshop, and a Zoom link to use on your workshop date.
  • B. Details About Your Advising & Registration process. Your assigned advising center/ department faculty advisor will email you directions on how to complete your Advising & Registration process, including completing the Advising & Registration BeachBoard course, selecting your first-semester courses and when you can enroll. Please check both your BeachMail ( account and personal email frequently.

4. Complete the Advising & Registration BeachBoard Course (available starting Thursday, May 27) prior to registering for courses.

5. Register for courses recommended by your advising center/faculty advisor. Your specific registration date takes place one week prior to your scheduled SOAR Virtual Orientation Workshop date.

6. Access the Pre-SOAR BeachBoard Course starting on Thursday, May 27. The Pre-SOAR BeachBoard Course introduces the campus community, our resources/services, university policies, expectations of our community members. Complete this online course at least one week prior to participating in your SOAR Virtual Orientation Workshop date.

How to access the Pre-SOAR BeachBoard Course:

  • A. Login to Microsoft My Apps by using your BeachMail address ( and password.
  • B. Select the BeachBoard icon.
  • C. Under My Courses, click on Pre-SOAR BeachBoard Course – Transfer course to get started.

If you have any problems accessing Single Sign-On or BeachBoard, contact the Technology Help Desk at (562) 985-4959 or

7. Remove holds and pay balances at least 10 days prior to your designated Registration Date. Login to your MyCSULB account via Microsoft My App. You can view all holds and outstanding balances from your Student Center under the Holds section. Your Academic Advising Hold will be managed by your assigned advising center, while your SOAR Hold will be permanently removed once you successfully participate in your SOAR Virtual Orientation Workshop.

8. Request disability-related accommodations (if needed) – The Bob Murphy Access Center (BMAC) provides support to students with disabilities through accommodations and services, including but not limited to sign language interpreters, real-time captioners, assistive technology, and alternative media. For instructions on how to make the request accommodations, complete the SOAR-BMAC Disability-Related Accommodations Form If you have additional questions, please contact BMAC at

9. Complete all steps listed on Steps for Newly Admitted Transfers including sending your transcripts by the designated deadline – the deadline is posted on your MyCSULB account on your Student Center under the To Do List section.

10. Update Zoom software to 5.5.4 (13142.0301) or later so you can fully participate in the SOAR Virtual Orientation Workshop. Learn how to update your software by visiting the Zoom Help Center.

What You Need to Do During Your SOAR Virtual Orientation Workshop

The SOAR Virtual Orientation Workshop is a two-hour event that provides an opportunity to learn more about campus life from current Long Beach State students, meet other incoming transfer students who share the same major, and participate in activities. Here’s what you’ll need on the day of your virtual workshop:

1. A laptop, desktop, or personal device with Internet access to participate in this virtual workshop. If you have concerns about access to WiFi and or a laptop, please visit COVID-19 Resources for Students.

2. Your SOAR Virtual Orientation Workshop Confirmation which contains the Zoom link, Meeting ID and password to your Orientation Workshop/SOAR Virtual Orientation Workshop.

3. Instructions for joining the SOAR Virtual Orientation Workshop:

  • Laptop and desktop users follow these instructions:
    A. Join the SOAR Virtual Orientation Workshop 10 minutes prior to your scheduled start time.
    B. Login via Microsoft My Apps with your BeachMail account address ( and password.
    C. Select the Zoom icon  only verified Long Beach State student accounts will have access to this Zoom session.
    D. Use the Zoom link, Meeting ID and Password provided in your SOAR Virtual Orientation Workshop Confirmation.
    E. If the Open Zoom Meetings message box automatically appears, click on Open Zoom Meetings.
    F. If the Open Zoom Meetings message box does NOT automatically appear, select the “click here” link to initiate the message box, then click on Open Zoom Meetings.
    G. Select your preferred audio conference option.
  • Personal device users follow these instructions:
    A. Don’t have the Zoom Clouds Meeting app? Download it from Google Play or the App Store.
    B. Join the SOAR Virtual Orientation Workshop 10 minutes prior to your scheduled start time.
    C. Login to the Zoom app via Microsoft My Apps with your BeachMail account address ( and password, then click on the Zoom icon  only verified Long Beach State student accounts will have access to this Zoom session.
    D. You will be automatically directed to your Zoom session.
    E. Select your audio preferences.

4. Participate in the entire two-hour SOAR Virtual Orientation Workshop. Attendance will be taken throughout the virtual workshop and those who successfully complete it will have their SOAR Hold permanently removed.

5. If you miss your SOAR Virtual Orientation Workshop, email SOAR ( within 24 hours of your original workshop date in order to reschedule for the next available workshop.


What to Do After Your
SOAR Virtual Orientation Workshop

Here is what you need to do after participating in your virtual workshop:

1. Pay Your Fees/Tuition. Visit Tuition & Fees to learn more about course registration (tuition) and other related fees. View a list of important deadlines and information on submitting your payment, enrolling in a Payment Plan, and receiving your Financial Aid Disbursement by visiting Student Financial Services. Finally, all CSU listed fees should be regarded as estimates that are subject to change upon approval by the Board of Trustees, the Chancellor, or the President, as appropriate.

2. Change Your First Name and Pronouns. If you identify yourself by a different first name and/or have preferred pronouns, you may request to establish a first name/ pronouns that will be used in many campus systems including class rosters and your Beach ID Card. Learn more about this option by visiting Using MyCSULB Personal Information.

3. Update your contact Information on MyCSULB. It is important for you to update your personal contact information so that the University can send you notices especially regarding emergency situations. Please note the University will send all of its correspondences to your BeachMail account (

4. There's More After Your SOAR Virtual Orientation Workshop. SOAR will host on-going orientation programs throughout the academic year – this programming is designed to support your successful transition to the university. Follow us on social media to learn about our programming – Twitter: @LB_soar and Instagram: @LBsoar.

SOAR Virtual Orientation
Workshop Dates

Each SOAR Virtual Orientation Workshop is approximately two-hours long and will be offered in July. The specific dates you're eligible to attend is based on your declared major.

Want to know which college your major falls under? Visit College Advising & Registration to view a list of all undergraduate majors/degrees and the college under which they are housed.

Please note when you login to MyCSULB to make your workshop reservation, you will only see the workshop dates you're eligible to attend based on your declared major.

College Abbreviations
CEd: College of Education (Liberal Studies/Elementary Education)
COB: College of Business
CHHS: College of Health & Human Services
CLA: College of Liberal Arts
CNSM: College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics
COE: College of Engineering
COTA: College of the Arts

Registration Date (RD) &
Orientation Workshop (OW)

Transfer Students Eligible
to Attend Based on
Declared Major

RD: Tuesday, July 6
OW: Tuesday, July 13

CEd, COB, CHHS, and CLA transfers are eligible to participate

RD: Wednesday, July 7
OW: Wednesday, July 14
COB, CHHS, CLA, and Design transfers are eligible to participate
RD: Thursday, July 8
OW: Thursday, July 15
CEd, COB, CHHS, and CLA transfers are eligible to participate
RD: Friday, July 9
OW: Friday, July 16
COB, CHHS, CLA, and Design transfers are eligible to participate
RD: Monday, July 12
OW: Monday, July 19
Art, COB, COE, CHHS, and Theatre transfers are eligible to participate
RD: Tuesday, July 13
OW: Tuesday, July 20
Art, COB, CHHS, CLA, and Theatre transfers are eligible to participate
RD: Wednesday, July 14
OW: Wednesday, July 21
Art, COB, COE, CHHS, CLA, and Music transfers are eligible to participate
RD: Thursday, July 15
OW: Thursday, July 22
Art, COB, CHHS, CLA, Dance, and Film & Electronic Arts transfers are eligible to participate
RD: Friday, July 16
OW: Friday, July 23
Art, COB, CHHS, CLA, COE, and Music transfers are eligible to participate
RD: Monday, July 19
OW: Monday, July 26
COB, COE, CHHS, and Film & Electronic Arts transfers are eligible to participate
RD: Tuesday, July 20
OW: Tuesday, July 27
CEd, COB, and CHHS transfers are eligible to participate
RD: Wednesday, July 21
OW: Wednesday, July 28
COB, COE, CHHS, and Film & Electronic Arts transfers are eligible to participate
RD: Thursday, July 22
OW: Thursday, July 29
CEd, COB, CHHS, and CNSM transfers are eligible to participate
RD: Friday, July 23
OW: Friday, July 30
COB, CHHS, CNSM, and Film & Electronic Arts transfers are eligible to participate

Summer 2021
Orientation Workshops/
SOAR Virtual Orientation Workshop

Dates & Eligibility

Last updated on March 8, 2021.
The deadline to make a workshop reservation is Tuesday, June 1.

What Is The Cost?

The cost for the SOAR Virtual Orientation Workshop, is $62. This fee includes your participation in the Pre-SOAR BeachBoard Course and SOAR Virtual Orientation Workshop. Additionally, you are invited to attend ongoing orientation programming that takes place during the academic year. Finally, you also receive a Welcome to The Beach gift package once the semester begins.

To guarantee your selected Orientation Workshop date, pay the SOAR Fee at the time you make your reservation or prior to your scheduled Orientation Workshop date. Submit your payment via MyCSULB through the Make a Payment link found under the Finances section. Acceptable online forms of payment are e-check (no convenience fee) and credit card (MasterCard, Discover, Visa, or American Express with a 2.75% service charge).

Unfortunately, there is no fee waiver available for the SOAR Fee and Financial Aid does not cover this fee. If you encounter any challenges paying the SOAR Fee, please contact SOAR ( The SOAR Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

How Do I Make My
SOAR Virtual Orientation
Workshop Reservation?

You will select an Orientation Workshop that is automatically linked to a corresponding Registration Date. These two dates take place one week of each other with course registration taking place prior to participating in your Orientation Workshop.

The first day to reserve your space for a SOAR Virtual Orientation Workshop is 9:00am on Tuesday, April 6, 2021. Space is limited per Orientation Workshop and is on a first-come, first-served basis. First-time freshmen should select the earliest Orientation Workshop available based on your declared major. The deadline to reserve your space for an Orientation Workshop is Tuesday, June 1, 2021.

Access to make an Orientation Workshop reservation will be available after you submit your Admitted Student Reply and required Enrollment Deposit  – the deadline to submit these two items is Saturday, May 1, 2021. Please note that the Enrollment Deposit is separate from the SOAR Fee.

Directions for making your Orientation Workshop Reservation:

  1. Login to the Microsoft My Apps using your BeachMail account ( and password.
  2. Select the MyCSULB icon to be directed to your Student Center.
  3. Look under the Admissions section located at the bottom of the page to see SOAR Sign Up – click on this link to view available virtual workshops, select your preferred virtual workshop date, and submit your payment.
  4. Be sure to pay your SOAR Fee 10 days prior to your scheduled virtual workshop.
  5. If you have any challenges accessing Single Sign-On or MyCSULB, contact the Technology Help Desk at (562) 985-4959 or

A SOAR Virtual Orientation Workshop Confirmation listing your confirmed Registration Date and Orientation Workshop date & time along with Zoom login information will be emailed to your BeachMail account ( at least two (2) weeks prior to your scheduled workshop date.

Didn't receive your SOAR Virtual Workshop Confirmation? Please check both your BeachMail account ( and personal email on a regular basis. Still cannot find it? Contact SOAR at least three (3) business days prior to your scheduled workshop date so we can re-send the email confirmation – email

What If I Already Attended a
SOAR On-Campus Transfer

If you previously attended the university more than two (2) years ago and are resuming your studies, you will be required to complete both parts of the SOAR Experience – the Advising & Registration process and Orientation Workshop process.

If you have been away from the university for less than two (2) years, you may be exempt from completing the SOAR Experience. Please contact SOAR at to request an exemption – your request will be reviewed and a decision will be made as quickly as possible.


More Questions?

Please visit Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or contact SOAR by emailing