Frequently Asked Questions

The Application and Approval Process

Yes, all information will be confidential, but in order to get approval for the program services we may need to forward some of your application details to our approval committee. This includes a team from financial aid office, ID Services, and final approval from the Director of the Basic Needs Program.

A staff member will contact you as soon as possible. You can expect a response between 1-3 business days. Please account for the times that the account is unmonitored including after business hours on weekdays, weekends, holidays, and campus closures.

No, just indicate which program(s) you want to apply for, when you are completing your application.

The time for services depends on several factors. Some services such as the meal assistance program is faster than the process for the emergency grant and short term housing assistance.

You may reapply to the program only if you are experiencing an unrelated emergency crisis situation. While meals and short-term emergency housing may be available, the grant can only be received one time.

The Student Emergency Grant

One time, and there are no exceptions made for this policy.

The maximum amount students can receive is $500.

The emergency grant is for students who are in a crisis, so losing your job or having your hours cut alone does not qualify you for the program. If the loss of your job has led to a crisis situation, such as the loss of adequate, fixed, or regular housing, you may qualify.

Meal Assistance Program

Meals are distributed to qualifying students, and they are valid for a breakfast, lunch, or dinner meals at the campus dining halls. Your meals will be placed under your ID number, so bring your ID card when you go to the Hillside, Parkside, and/or Beachside dining halls. You will hand over the ID card to the cashier to swipe your card, and that is all you will need to do. Your meals will count under commuter food plan.

You will be given a certain number of meals, which can be used one at a time. If you run low or out of meals, please contact one of the Student Emergency Intervention Program staff members.

Yes, but you must tell the cashier as you hand over you ID card to be swiped, and the cashier will hand you over a to-go box.

The cashier at the dining hall will ask if they can check your meal amount before you hand them your ID. If you would like to know how many meals you have left, just let the cashier know.

We try to make this process happen quickly. Typically, the meals are on your ID card by the end of the day after you meet with us, and at the latest, they should be on your ID by the next business day.

Meals will expire at the beginning of the next academic semester, but you should be aware that meals will not be available when the dining halls are closed.

Short-Term Emergency Housing

We currently have emergency night beds available for students with a qualifying emergency crisis. Students placed in the emergency housing are also provided with meals during their stay in short-term emergency housing.

Once a student is deemed eligible, a University administrator determines how long a student can be housed.

Yes, there is an off-campus short-term emergency housing option. Once a student is deemed eligible, an University administrator, will determine the how long a student can be housed.