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California State University, Long Beach
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A Student celebrates graduation by designing her Mortarboard to read: I Did it, yay me! Mortarboard decorated with children holding hands. Graduation cap topped with a colorful pinwheel that exclaims: Go Micro!
Hats off to graduates
Graduation cap decorated with a cardboard replication of the pyramid. Mortarboard commemorating graduation from CSULB's nursing program. Finally! Mortarboard designed by student to honor their parents.
Group of students with decorated mortarboards. A graduation cap accessorized with colorful jewels. Male student designed mortarboard to represent his fraternity.

CSULB's graduates of 2010 continued the tradition of decorating their mortarboards for commencement. Some caps were decorated in themes according to the student's degree, some were designed to thank their parents and some reflected on the graduate's general enthusiasm about finishing his or her degree.