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California State University, Long Beach
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Kbeach Staff

K-Beach radio staff include (clockwise from left) Aaron Gordezky
Julie Potter, John Trapper and Sadré Scott.

K-Beach Radio:
There's an App for That

If the team that runs K-Beach radio has its way, there will be less paper waste and more information about campus activities circulating among students. Thanks to technology, K-Beach, which has long been an internet-based station, is available on the iPhone, iTouch and iPad platforms using 3G technology. The station plans to be available on the Android in early fall.

“Many of our students are on the freeways a great part of their day, traveling between school, work, internships and social activities,” said K-Beach General Manager John Trapper. “It’s great to know they can tune in, hear a favorite song and then find out that the parking structure will be closed for the day, or that there’s a free event in the USU or Theatre Department that evening. Or, of course, that The Beach won its latest athletic competition!”

It’s been a slow process getting the word out, but with the introduction of the iPhone app, people are stopping by the station and promoting their events. K-Beach is now broadcasting an eclectic mix of news, talk, sports, music and public service announcements, and is collaborating with the Journalism Department on many different levels. The result is a passive, yet stimulating, way to find out what’s happening on campus.

Along with News/Sports Director Michael Cecil, Music Director Stephanie Funk and Radio Engineer/Production Director Vaibhav Shetge, Trapper hopes to take everything that happens at The Beach, transform it into an audio format and put it out to the world. “We have so many exciting people and programs on this campus that people need to know about,” Trapper said. “Earlier this year, we began doing major interviews with high-profile professors, administrators and local dignitaries. The goal is to provide a voice for members of the campus community, offer a place for students to train in broadcast journalism and disseminate information about the campus to students.”

In the past, K-Beach was primarily a music station. With so many options for music these days, including intuitive programs like Genius and Pandora, K-Beach will continue to offer music, but will provide more to its students and community listening audience. “We offer what’s uniquely CSULB, and there’s plenty here to fill our 24/7 commitment,” Trapper said.


K-Beach is open to anyone on campus who has something to share with the community, and is open to anything that fits within the overall campus mission. For more information about the station, go to or send an email to