Beachside village

Housing Type: Suite/ Traditional Hybrid Style
Room Type: Double & Triple
Bathroom Type: Shared among 4-5 students
Class Level: All class levels

Beachside Village includes two three-story buildings (Pacific & Atlantic Hall) with large double and triple rooms with a hybrid style of traditional and suite living. The rooms are situated along a long traditional style hallway and offer a two-room suite-style living with a shared bathroom. Beachside offers Thematic Learning Communities for Transfer, Continuing, & Upperclassmen Students. Both buildings are air-conditioned. To view building layouts, click here.

Each building has a laundry facility and a common area on each floor. A computer lab with a printer is available for all residents in Atlantic Hall. The outdoor amenities include a swimming pool, patio deck, and green area.

The Beachside buildings are served by the Beachside Service Center, a central customer service office, which offers many services including mail distribution, building tours, reporting of building issues, and the checkout of games and equipment.

Beachside Village Tour

Beachside Map

Beachside Map