Residential Dining Services

CSULB Residential Dining Services offers a quality and diverse food service program designed to meet your needs in the Hillside College, Parkside College, and Beachside College Dining Halls. Residents may enjoy any of the three dining halls, food is plentiful (unlimited seconds on most items), and residents and their families can be assured that the students' nutritional needs will be met. Residents with special dietary needs will find our dining hall managers anxious to accommodate all reasonable requests.

Residential Dining Options (Meal Plans)

As residents have different needs, we offer five different meal plans.

Menu Guides & Dining Hours

Check out the latest menu guide and view the food service hours for each residential college dining facility.

Residential Dining Guide

Tips, tricks, rules and everything you need to know about Residential Dining can be found in our Residential Dining Guide (PDF).

Virtual Tours

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