Residential Colleges

CSULB’s University Housing has three residential colleges: Beachside College, Hillside College and Parkside College. Each college provides a safe and comfortable living environment in which students can socialize, study, and reach their potential as a 49er.

All residential colleges provide a unique community atmosphere and are coeducational. Resident's room are double occupancy, with the exception of a limited number of singles rooms at Hillside College and triple rooms in Beachside College. Each college also offers the opportunity to be part of a living-learning community or live in theme housing.

Beachside College

Located approximately one mile from Campus, this facility houses over 700 residents in the Atlantic and Pacific Buildings. This community is geared towards continuing and transfer students. As available space permits, and based on their preferences, first year freshman students are also welcome at Beachside. Beachside offers opportunities for students to live in an environment which their shared passions can be explored by others. The thematic communities at Beachside College are: Gender Inclusive, Transfer/Continuing Students, Leadership & Service, Expression of the Arts, Adventure & Outdoors.

Parkside College

Parkside is located at the northwestern part of the university campus and is adjacent to a municipal park. Parkside is a first-year housing community with nine suite style buildings, each housing an average of 115 students. LLCs at Parkside College are: Science Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM), Health Living and Wellness, and Living the Liberal Arts.

Hillside College

Hillside is located at the southwestern part of the university and is the closest of the colleges to the central university. Comprised of first year and returning students, Hillside provides traditional or suite style living within nine buildings, each housing a range of 45 - 200 students. These halls offer residents single and double occupancy rooms.
Academic Houses at Hillside College are: University Honor Program, International House and LGBTQIA+.

Academic & Thematic Communities (ATC)

Within our three residential colleges University Housing also provides three unique theme housing options:

International House (Hillside College) - The goal is to pair an American student with an international student as roommates. Our International House offers a unique opportunity to explore, live, and understand other cultures.

Gender-Neutral Housing (Beachside College) - The goal is to provide support to residents who, for whatever reason, need or request special accommodations due to gender identity/expression. A limited number of spaces are available for this theme.

Quiet Housing (Hillside College) - The goal is provide residents a 24-Hour quiet living environment for each resident throughout their stay in housing.

Please contact University Housing to discuss necessary special accommodations. Please note that when notified in a timely manner, University Housing will make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations, but requests are not guaranteed.


Living on campus provides you:

  • Academic Advising
  • Free or low-cost programs and events
  • Dining services
  • Free cable TV
  • Free internet access
  • Free basic phone service
  • Tutoring by on-campus faculty
  • Free admission to regular season athletic events
  • Free overnight parking (with paid student permit)
  • Free campus shuttle service
  • Free Long Beach Transit rides
  • Convenience of campus resources

Room Furnishings

What do you need to bring? Not much. All rooms are approximately 15 by 11 feet and furnished with a microfridge, bed, dresser, desk, chair, wastebasket, closet and mirror.

Residents must provide their own blankets, sheets (twin extra long), pillowcases, bedspreads, towels and study lamps.  Personal computers, stereos with headphones and compact televisions are also standard luxuries to consider.

Before you decide whether to bring all of these things, you may want to wait until you come to the campus and meet your roommate, and then together, you can decide on what you'll need. Sorry, we don't have storage space for additional items.